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Cycle Coaching, Cycle Fitness

I've been with Mark since August 2019 and I couldn't recommend him enough! Its my first time of having a coach, having previously used generic training packages bought online, and I can honestly say it's the best step I've taken. I've always wanted to push myself on the bike but never had the knowledge or expertise to organise a proper training plan and as soon as I started working with Mark I knew I'd made the right choice. He's always available and willing to help on the phone, and for someone new to coaching like me with lots of questions he always made plenty of time to respond quicly and answer any queries or worries I had. 
My training is fluid and not just a generic, one for all set of training sessions; we adapt it to how I'm feeling, how I'm performing, and what fits in with my other commitments and the feedback and analysis is really in depth which is where his knowledge and grasp of the finer details really shows. For someone like me who is new to coaching this in depth analysis really helps me understand why we are doing what I'm doing and how I'm growing and reacting on the bike. Fantastic coach and fantastic service!

Tom Clough

Cycle Coaching, Cycle Fitness

As an amatur cyclist, Mark created a bespoke training plan to fit around my work schedule. The training felt achievable yet challenging. Within weeks I felt stronger and prepared for the season ahead. My aim was to hold my own in a local race series, maybe get a top 3. First race of the season, I won! I won a further 3 and the series. This was without a doubt due to the specific, personalised coaching provided to me by Mark. Looking forward to the future and how far I can push myself.

Amy S

Katie Kookabura

Mark is such a constant support in terms of the physical training, as well as mental preparation and advice. He is always super calm, always gives great advice and really knows his stuff. I have improved my fitness immensely over the years I have been working with him. 

He has become more than a coach, he's is a great friend now and great for sounding out possible ideas for challenges, races or adventures. I'm really excited to see where we can take it in the future.

Katie Kookabura

Cycle Coaching, Cycle Fitness

I have been coached by Mark for 10 months now. From the very start to present day the coaching and support that he has provided me has been fantastic, and that's under selling it. He has tailored the training to my specific cycling needs, my lifestyle and to fit around my other daily commitments. In terms of cycling needs Mark has coached me not only in making massive gains to my overall power and fitness levels, but also in preparation for competing in TTs, Track Events and Open Road Racing.

Not only does Mark provide a superb level of coaching but he also explains in detail each step of the coaching process, why he is setting me certain sessions, why he is asking me to do a particular set of intervals and what I am developing by completing the sessions he prescribes for me. He also has the patience of a saint, putting up with my numerous questions and queries. Its only the start of our coaching experience and I'm really looking forward to where we go in the future and what I can achieve as a result of his dedicated coaching.

Jonathon Denvir

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