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Revolution Owner and Head Coach

As an online cycling coach with nearly a decade of experience, I have had the privilege of assisting a diverse range of athletes in attaining their unique cycling objectives. Whether it's enhancing fitness, completing their inaugural Sportive, or securing National Titles, I've been there to provide training, mentorship, and guidance, steering them toward success.

My own competitive racing background spans various disciplines, spanning regional, national, and international competitions. Juggling these pursuits alongside a day job and family commitments has given me first hand insight into the value of time when it comes to effective training. I recognize that life can sometimes interfere with training, and my role is to help you manage your time efficiently, eliminate unnecessary miles, and make the most of your cycling hours.

Prioritizing communication and understanding, together, we can work towards progression and achieving your cycling goals.

Meet The Team: About Me


Revolution Coach and TT Machine

Having raced motocross nationally and internationally for the early part of my life I think spending time on two wheels one way or another is in my blood.

After finishing racing motocross I started cycling as a means to keep fit. I quickly realised I wanted a challenge and signed up to participate in a London to Amsterdam charity ride, completing various Sportives in preparation. Then the focused Time Trial training began.

I have since won multiple open TT events, including the M&DTTA 100 mile championship in 2018; successfully defending it in 2019.

As my knowledge and experience grew, my coaching journey started when I was approached by some fellow club mates to see if I would coach them to some of their goals. I’m now really excited to join Mark as assistant coach at Revolution Cycle Coaching.

Regardless of whether your aim is to just get fitter, race, or complete a Sportive, I look forward to helping you reach your targets in the most efficient way.

Meet The Team: About Me
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